How to fix Snow Leopard Mail 4.0 and cox SMTP server - The sender address was rejected by the server

This weekend I upgraded all the macs in my house with the handy dandy 5 pack of Snow Leopard.
Both my wife and son use domains with Mail.
After the upgrade no email could be sent.
Cox locks down sending email over standard ports via any mail server but the cox mail server.
All emails that we tried to send were rejected with the error message:
The sender address "" was rejected by the server

I took a long time to figure out the very easy fix for this.
Edit the SMTP server list.
Find the entryfor
Click custom port

Some New tank Photos

pics of the tank

Level 3, Like other telco's cutting large portion of workforce

Level 3 To Cut 450 Jobs, CDN Group Still Growing: Should Do $45-50 Million | The Business Of Online Video
Rayburn has an article today detailing an 8% workforce reduction over at L3, but confirms that that the CDN group is still growing. This tracks with what I'm hearing at L3 and other telco's in the CDN space that are building out CDN workforces.

iStreamPlanet Adds Move Technology to Video Platform

iStreamPlanet Adds Move Technology to Video Platform - iStreamPlanet aims to allow any customer to use Move technology, with the ability to easily manage video projects and customizable video [Contentinople dot com]

Really no way I couldn't put this on here :)
Nice little write up about the inclusion of Move technologies awesome video plug in into our Digital Asset Management system and Silverlight players.

Netflix says Silverlight helps reduce tech support.

Neflix cuts 50 tech jobs; streaming issues linger | Digital Media - CNET NewsCnet has the above write up on Netflix (who has been getting tons of press for their streaming to everything they can...) One interesting tidbit is this quote:Swasey said there just wasn't as much need to keep so many tech specialists. He credited Microsoft's Silverlight with making it easier for customers to install Netflix's player on PCs and Macs.

Silverlight Beating Flash When It Comes To DRM Protection

Silverlight Beating Flash When It Comes To DRM Protection - In an interview this week in the Wall Street Journal, Adobe's CEO said that with the recent round of layoffs, Adobe would be better focused to grow their online video business. That's good news to hear from Adobe because being... [The Business of Online Video]

Mosso and Limelight change the CDN game

Contentinople - Ryan Lawler - Mosso Takes Limelight Content Delivery Into the CloudThis news is pretty meaningful to me. I am really interested to see how well the Mosso division does with this new model. Having been involved in some of the very early discussions of making this happen I have some decent insight into how extraordinary this offering is.

Oh GrandCentral, where is my invite?

Google brings GrandCentral to the desktop with 'Vocito' | Webware - CNET Well I guess the silver lining in this news is that Google has not completely forgotten about GrandCentral, the super fab service that allows you to manage all your phones from one simple interface. Unfortunately, you still can't get an account unless you are the kind of person likely to win at bingo with alarmingly regularity..

Silverlight on the way to your linux desktop

'Moonlight' heads to beta | Beyond Binary - CNET News
According this report at Cnet Novell is en route to deliver a version of the Silverlight plugin called "Moonlight" to firefox users on Linux desktops. This is welcome news to those of us interested in seeing the proliferation of the plug in to as many desktops and devices as possible.

MLB Drops Silverlight for Flash

MLB Drops Silverlight for Flash - After two years of using Silverlight for its application, Major League Baseball is switching to Flash [Contentinople dot com]
You know, I think this is a bit of a shame. While I'm not blind to the fact that Flash is currently dominating the market, I am seeing a tremendous amount of really innovative stuff being done in Silverlight. More thoughts after the fold...